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Re: Maybe why Avante-garde looping in US...

mech wrote:

So, to summarize, there is interesting Hip Hop being made.  You just
have to get out of the US to find it.

ooooooh,  I'm sorry but I will contend that statement with all due 

There is wonderful experimental and very innovative hip hop going on in 
every big city
in the US these days.

There are also a lot of indie underground bands who have hip hop 
as kids
and are doing spoken word over backing tracks that is like a more laid 
version of hip hop.
There are at least three groups in my small home town alone exploring this 

Sure,  it doesn't make MTV and sell millions of units and it's harder to 
find but
go to any discerning record store that has an expert on hip hop who works 
and ask he or she where the 'shit' is.....................ask specifically 
for experimental
hip hop.  you might be surprised how much underground and innovative stuff 
there is.

You have to be hip to the whole San Francisco Anticon movement (label) at 

Ever heard ClouDdead?   Check 'em out.

yours Rick

ps   Also, and this is out of the US, but nobody seems to know about the 
wonderful group, originally from
East Berlin before the fall of the wall,   TARWATER.

I love this group and they are always doing interesting experiments with 
hop and trip hop.
There first three CDs are brilliant but I like everything they do.
One of the members (they are a duo)  is also in the wonderful German 
electronica band, To Roccoco Rot