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RE: Maybe why Avante-garde looping in US...

My friend Barry Phillips is playing cello on that video, He has been a long
time member Of Ravi's orchestra and was also asked to handle the the first
chair cello duties for the concert for George. He'll be playing with
Anoushka at the pre-televised grammy awards ceremony this week. A great
musician and one of the nicest people I know.

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good example fer me is that 'concert for george' dvd that is out-
bunch o' great old geezers from the 60s playin harrison music real good-the
middle section is dedicated to george's love of Ravi Shankar' stuff-i dont
think he plays on this but his Beautacious daughter-Anoushka-nora jones'
sister plays her butt off. plus they do a classical indian piece  called
ARPAN and she leads this big indian band and is conducting this rhythm and
it sure aint no 4/4. Eric clapton sits in and attempts to play w/in the
beats of the song-and i guess its admirable-but that song is really

on 2/2/06 7:40 PM, Kevin at kevin@TheNettles.com wrote:

> At 04:40 PM 2/2/2006, "loop.pool" wrote:
>> The Indians use these  four subdivision:...
> In the trio that plays for clubs, our Indian tabla player sometimes
> teaches the audience a keherva rhythm as:
> THEY go, with US for DINner
>> In this way you can make a practise matrix of any time signature you
>> want to take on and just sing the syllables...
> What's really wild is watching an Indian audience clap in 10/4.
>> One long band practise or two playing different time signatures against
>> each other will usually do the trick to learn how to do this...
> Wow, I never thought of using Indian rhythms
> _polyrhythmically_!  Always something to learn!
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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