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Re: New Novation Midi Controller... Looperlative controller

I'm quite excited about this one too, both as a general purpose MIDI
controller and a control for Logic Pro.

On the subject of MIDI controllers, does anyone hear use a Zendrum?


On 2/3/06, S V G <vsyevolod@yahoo.com> wrote:
>      Okay, when I first looked at this, my mind immediately thought 
>"Looperlative control
> interface"!  Which answers my biggest beef about the Looperlative, the 
>uninviting front panel
> interface.  It's also my biggest beef about the EDP, and my greatest 
>admiration for the Repeater.
> Okay, so I'm a keyboardist who occassionally has an extra hand free to 
>tweek this thing.  The main
> thing is that it would interface with the Looperlative (or the EDP or 
>even the frikkin Repeater to
> give it pitch shifting on the fly...) and would do so in a way that 
>would make even obscure
> functions easy to map.  I could even see hooking up a pedal board in 
>addition to this to control
> some of the start/stop/replace/record functions while having loop levels 
>and pitch shifting/tempo
> mangling available for real time tweeking.
>      Stephen
> Novation Remote 25SL
> I just saw a review of this in Sound-On-Sound
> magazine. Check out the two LCDs! You can download the
> editing software if you're interested.
> http://www.novationmusic.com/product.asp?id=30&Type=1&bArchive=False
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