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Re: New Novation Midi Controller... Looperlative controller

     Okay, when I first looked at this, my mind immediately thought 
"Looperlative control
interface"!  Which answers my biggest beef about the Looperlative, the 
uninviting front panel
interface.  It's also my biggest beef about the EDP, and my greatest 
admiration for the Repeater. 
Okay, so I'm a keyboardist who occassionally has an extra hand free to 
tweek this thing.  The main
thing is that it would interface with the Looperlative (or the EDP or even 
the frikkin Repeater to
give it pitch shifting on the fly...) and would do so in a way that would 
make even obscure
functions easy to map.  I could even see hooking up a pedal board in 
addition to this to control
some of the start/stop/replace/record functions while having loop levels 
and pitch shifting/tempo
mangling available for real time tweeking.


Novation Remote 25SL

I just saw a review of this in Sound-On-Sound
magazine. Check out the two LCDs! You can download the
editing software if you're interested.


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