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New upload at MySpace.com

I've just uploaded another loop-heavy track to
<http://www.myspace.com/nimbletunes> which comes from
one of the two CDs I've got midway through the 
birthing process right now. (Messy metaphor; the
musical content has been ready for a couple of months
now, but the format is the holdup. They were going to
be CDR releases, but I've unexpectedly had more
interest in them than I anticipated, too much to keep
up with, so I'm rethinking doing a replication run for
at least one of them...)

The new upload is called "Orphans Among Strangers" and
features cello and percussion with loopage galore, and
should be listened to at a rather high volume when
your neighbors aren't home. Of [possible] interest:
the "gong" that you hear a few times in the track is
actually a broken crash cymbal miked right on the edge
 a la Saucerful of Secrets and slowed way down in
SoundForge and eq'ed to sound bigger! The track comes
from the CD 'Rantai' which is a collection of pieces
I've done in association with the Chain Tape
Collective <http://www.ct-collective.com/> over the
past seven years. It's about 1/3 previously-released
material from CT projects, 1/3 unreleased and/or
radically remixed CT stuff and 1/3 new material with
some connection to the projects. 'Orphans' is one of
the new ones, while the nylon-string and flute piece
'Xylem' is from the CT-Acoustic project, available as
a free download (as are ALL of the CT projects) at
<http://www.ct-collective.com/>. Come on over and join

The other loop-related track, 'Leaf' is from the CD
'Mesh' which was originally commissioned for a gallery
opening associated with a 30-year retrospective show
of the metalsmithing program at the Maine College of
Art. Unfortunately, the opening fell through when the
gallery at which it was to take place went under, but
the upside is that having had to work with a deadline
I actually finished the thing, and was left with 48
minutes of new music. The album retains the
metallurgical connection in that all of the titles are
double entendres on metalsmithing terms. 'Leaf' is a
pice for shakuhachi and Nellotron (my old pc's
soundcard playing mellotron soundfonts through my

Hope you enjoy them!


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