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Hiphop Was: Maybe why Avante-garde looping in US...

At 11:14 PM 2/3/2006, you wrote:
>(One note before we get started however: I just want to bring it 
>back that because I don't find the current state of American beat 
>music very inspired, I don't necessarily agree with the article that 
>started all this.  Just because I think there's not a lot of 
>interesting Hip Hop being produced here, that doesn't mean I agree 
>those artists here are inherently incapable of producing interesting 
>Hip Hop.  That's due to a choice, not a lack of ability, IMNSHO.)

There are a couple of things you can thank American hiphop DJs for, 
namely the introduction to American mass culture of:

1. Other rhythmic traditions such as Indian and Middle Eastern.

2. Polytonality.  Hiphop DJs don't often pitch-shift their samples so 
a couple of keys can be played at once.  This is such a strong 
development that polytonality with the vocalist singing in a 
different key from the backing tracks is now very common on slow jams.

3. Hiphop dancing.  I find some of the dance style to be interesting 
because some of the moves are long lines over complex or fast 
beats.  Best analogy I can think of is Miles Davis soloing over Tony 
Williams's beats. I think that this might be coming from jazz via 
dance music.  This is introducing long lines to mass culture.

4. Hiphop has added to the working vocabulary of performing 
musicians.  Most people only want to hear what they've heard before, 
only different.  Since hiphop has introduced new rhythms, harmonies, 
sampling and long lines to a mass audience, performing musicians can 
now refer to these elements without fear of losing their 
audience.  (I started hearing hiphop country a couple of years ago on 
the radio.  I found it hilarious but _someone_ must like it.)

I realize the European folks may be yawning at this point, but dance 
music never really caught on in the US like hiphop did.


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