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Re:messge form peter- Repeater O.S. 2

     Sorry to inform you, this is the definition of a rumour.  Peter is 
speaking to people at
Electrix.  Nothing has been decided.  No amount of thinking otherwise and 
speaking otherwise makes
it anything less than a rumour at this point.  Please don't get me wrong, 
I don't work for
Electrix, and I'm disappointed that the communication from Electrix has 
been poor to non-existant.
 I'm even more disappointed with the spreading of rumours-as-facts that 
goes on on lists like this
than lack of communication.  And to assume that the previous owners of 
Electrix owe us anything is
pure fantasy.  They have sold the business to another person.  Though this 
other person owes us
Repeater owners nothing, it only makes sense to me that he will see our 
previous commitment as
valuable to his future business.

     Still, the Repeater is a viable and valuable tool.  The Repeater 
noise mod has been put up on
LD at this page:  
or if you like: http://tinyurl.com/7f7dt


no, i aint got the time to be spreding out rumors man
here is the recent post once again from Pete at condor

> The OS2 for Repeater is alive and well - I can't say
much, but 
> trying to find out if they will release it. I've
talked to  
> engineering and the OS is complete, but that
Electrix wants to  
> release it only with new product. I'm working on
this, we'll see 
> happens...
> Peter

--- S V G <vsyevolod@yahoo.com> wrote:

>      Are you just spreading rumours or do you have
> definate facts to back you up?  Hearsay doesn't
> count for much these days on the Internet...
>      Stephen

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