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Re: AW: Maybe why Avante-garde looping in US...

rice does work, yes... bananas worked wonders for my Greyhound... well, as
much as *anything* could ever work on a Greyhound ("What was that!?! Was
that Crystal again?!? Run! Run for your lives!!!"   :-)

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> Date: 2/4/2006 9:25:01 PM
> Subject: Re: AW: Maybe why Avante-garde looping in US...
> ..."dog farts"?
> A little rice in his diet will help that.
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> From: daniel stevenson
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> frozen dinners/crack cocaine/mobile homes/prostitution/fubu/bling 
> bling/slang/drunkin fights/one car accidents/chittlins n hot 
> sauce/pimps/weed shortages/drive by's/barnyard beastiality/bourbon/jail 
> tattoo's/expanding ghetto's/monster trucks/pistol's/drug 
> slavery/prison's/warm beer/dog fart's/grafiti/devolution of
> population/thugg's/tax hikes/ect...ect...ect...
> reasons i hate hip hop & country music!
>                                                           scary 
> David Trenkel <improv@peak.org> wrote:
> On Friday, February 3, 2006, at 09:17 AM, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar
> Straschill wrote:
> >> The worst is that I often find material that I think is
> >> hip-hop and that I like! and when I play it to people, I'm
> >> informed, "that's not hip-hop"....
> >
> > Well, on the other hand, after I told a fellow musician that I liked
> > Boards
> > of Canada and he replied "so you do like hip hop" and I couldn't
> > believe
> > that they are hip hop, he told me "to some people, what we just played
> > is
> > hip hop"...
> I learned years ago never to dismiss entire genres of music. It's too
> easy to say, "I hate Country", for example, and then hear an Hank
> Williams tune that just tears your apart. Even easy listening had its
> geniuses, Matin Denny, Esquivel, Les Baxter, etc. Hip Hop is the same,
> there's the commercial stuff that sucks, but there are people working
> in the margins doing fascinating and innovative stuff. Always look to
> the margins...
> >
> >> Do send us your list of interesting hip-hop. I am still open
> >> to hearing it.
> >
> > Steve Coleman & Metrics
> >
> >
> Great, great record. That record literally determined the direction my
> music has been heading for the last few years.
> Other Hip Hop to check out:
> Mike Ladd: Anything he's involved with is at least interesting, and
> often brilliant. "Welcome to the Afterfuture" from 1999 is up there
> with "Fear of a Black Planet" as one of the all-time best hip hop
> albums. He's collaborated with a number of jazz musicians, his record
> with Vijay Iyer's band, "In What Language," is just terrific, a theater
> piece about travelling while non-white in the post 9-11 world, it also
> has some astounding playing. His latest, "Presents Father Devine" is
> perhaps his most straight-ahead rap album, but it's very cool.
> Subtle: Rick W. mentioned the Bay-Area based Anticon collective, Subtle
> is sort of a supergroup of Anticon members. Subtle is an amazing live
> band, with a drummer who doubles guitar, an electric cellist, a
> keyboardist who doubles woodwinds, a guy who is a virtuoso at tapping
> out live beats on an MPC, and Dose One, one of the most innovative
> rappers I've heard, he's faster (and whiter-sounding) than Eminem, with
> a serious taste for the surreal. He's also a great frontman, he'd be a
> terrific stand-up comedian. I saw them on one of their last shows with
> Dax Pierson, who was unfortunately paralyzed in a tragic tour van
> accident last year. Subtle is still going, though, and very much worth
> seeing.
> Blackalicious: Their "Blazing Arrow" disc from a few years ago is what
> commercial hip hop should be, catchy as hell, great grooves, lots of
> soul, and smart content. Their new disc "The Craft" is more socially
> conscious, and gets more funky. It reminds me of Curtis Mayfield's
> great stuff from the '70's.
> There's many more, but I got no more time to write...
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