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Questions about RC50

I've been trying to find out more information about the new Boss RC50. I 
know it is a couple of weeks before the release, but has anyone tried one?

I have a few questions which I hope someone on the list can answer:

- Pedal 1 is Record/Play/Overdub.... Is it possible (through the external 
pedals?) to go from record straight into overdub - so that you can record 
seamless pads? This was one of my niggling things about the Repeater which 
wound me up so much.

- There is no mention of  'multiply' or 'insert' anywhere on the info 
Am I right in saying that the unit simply does not have those options? Its 
not the end of the world if this is the case, as I suppose you can record 
4 beat loop on phrase 1, then with loop quantize, record on phrase 2 an 
8/16/whatever loop....

- Does the unit have variable feedback?

- There is the possibility of 4 external switches - what can these be set 
to do? & Is there a midi spec sheet available yet?

Cheers. The more I look at the RC50, it looks like a very tasty piece of 
kit, especially for the price.

Thanks in advance
Stuart Wyatt - http://swyatt.com