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Lap Steel - Frisell & Leisz - Michael Manring

Hi folks,
Finally, thanks to those who gave me ideas regarding the lap steel / electric fretless configuration.
I've found a lap steel maker here in Buenos Aires :-) (he also believes he is the only one). I've been in his studio and became more familiar with it. I was blown away. I think i will buy one as soon as i can and sure will be looping the hell out of it.
So, i remembered this link that many of you maybe will like: http://www.wnyc.org/stream/ram.py?file=/newsounds/newsounds2073.ra. There's a piece by Frisell and Leisz feauturing lots of looping anndd PLEASE.. listen the Michael Manring piece that follows. Really.. amazing! In the Airport Tunning (the story is told there).
I believe he's the bass player in The Funky Avocado with Michael Hedges, not sure.
That was all.
Very best,

Ariel Rzezak
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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