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Kevin and I have been having an off list discussion about our love for 
electronic sounds by using all acoustic methods and he asked me about a
Drum and Bass kit that I had eluded to in an earlier post.

I sat down tonight (my first night out of bed after five days of one of 
worst viral bugs that i've had)
and wrote it out.I thought I'd share for anyone out there who is 
in the acoustic kit and it's possibilities in
looping.   This kit mics like a dream with a split mic channel with two 
Kick mics and on Shure SM 81 or
AKG C1000s overhead.........................mono all the way baby!

yours,  Rick

 D&B/DOWNTEMPO  specialty kit

What I set out to create was the equivalent of what the software program 
ReCycle does
for audio drum tracks.

You can pitch the kit up (jungle, D&B) or down (Trip Hop, Downtempo, 
Abstract Electronica, Chill),
slice it up and then rearrange it.

Consequently I wanted to acoustically reproduce the sounds of drum sounds 
pitched up or down on a sampler.
(the higher the pitch, the shorter the envelope----the lower teh pitch the 
longer the envelope)

Additionally I wanted to use cymbal combinations that sounded more like 
artificial synth drums, old analogue drum machine sounds
or even highly processed drum sounds.

What I came up with was

a two side drum kit

LEFT SIDE   (jungle, D&B, analogue drum machine----higher pitched)

three custom made snare drums (using old fiberglass Pearl concert tom tom 
shells from the 70's)
6", 8", 10"        These are on a rotating even plain off of an old Ludwig 
tri-tom so that I can rotate which ever one close in to me

They sit to the left of an 8"  Marco Mineman Meinl  electro hi 
hats.............very high pitched, very electronic sounding---just like 
normal hats pitched
upwards on a sampler

then the main snare drum---------------whatever I'm into but I"m digging 
old 60's  piccolo Supraphonic that I"ve had forever tuned, surprisingly, 
rather full (not high pitched)  Still it sounds like a normal snare 
drum---it's got a killer die cast rim on it, though for all that great 
electronica rim click stuff (and reggae, african and latin).

The kick drums are bizarre inventions of mine (inspired but the drummer of 
Mari Boine's band from Norway)
One is a 12"  Purecussion tom tom with thick naugahyde glued to both sides 
of the head on an LP footpedal designed for cowbells and woodblocks
the other is the 14"  tom tom with hideous amounts of gaffing tape 
both sides with the same footpedal assembly

the 12"  'kick'  is tuned up like a hi pitched Drum and Bass kick
the 14"   sounds incredibly like a massive TR 808 drum machine kick 
..........you know the one you hear in rap all the time that has a low but
very clear fundamental tone and a long envelope.

both of these kicks sound like hell from a foot away, but if you put your 
ear right next to them they sound like god , so I mike them incredibly 

RIGHT SIDE  (half speed,  trip hop, downtempo, chill)

a big double headed 26" kick drum tuned close to slack and very , very 
but without a lot of sustaining tone
a big 10" X 14"  Ludwig Coliseum snare drum (also with that awesome Ludwig 
die cast rim---the absolute loudest die cast rim made on earth--I know 
because I've owned one of all of them at  one time or another)   tuned 
incredibly slack with the snares just rattling.
I really wanted that long, sloppy, detuned vibe of a trip hop beat that 
originally at 120 beats a minute
and piece de resistance,   two very old 60's Japanese crash cymbals 
purchased at the flea market.     Because the Japanese make such 
drumsets these days, a lot of people forget that they made the world's 
drum sets in the 1960's...by far....................bad for world 
drummers...................excellent for me.........lol
These things are so cheap that they are very thin and as we know in the 
cymbal world,  the thinner
the cymbal the lower the pitch (give the same diameter).
I use these two as ersatz downsampled hi hats.  I don't even put a clutch 
them, nor do I tighten them down.
Just resting on each other they sound like perfectly like detuned samples 
normal hi hats

I compliment this all with an array of small specialty cymbals that I have 
collected over the ages...........including cymbals that sound curiously 
like the
TR 808 ride cymbal sounds------flange cymbals-----mega bells-----jing 
cymbals from china-----stacks of small splashes and cut down cymbals that 
make really nice white noise crash sounds.
I'm also proud of the finishing touch which is an invention of mine:
One very, very heavy set of six 60's Japanese hi hat cymbals that I put 
goggles on and beat the holy living hell out of with a ball peen hammer. 
I squashed the bells to flat and then put as many pings into them as 
possible.   The more pings, the more overtones.    this thing makes the 
awesome simulation of a synthesizer white noise, clapping sound and they 
loud as hell.     By using felts and tighening and loosening the wing nut 
change the length of the envelope from very tight to very long from song 

Then to make things interesting I play these things with a plethora of 
different kinds of beaters and sticks to get different timbres out of them:
I have chicken scrapers that make it sound like a very, very quick 
digital delay hit on a snare drum..................knitting needles whose
head sounds like electronic hi hats on even a normal pair of 
hihats----various kinds of brushes----a bunch of inventions of mine where I
but a strip of the fuzz side of velcro on several different sizes of 
mallets and brushes and the I sewed everything from dry Indian jingles
to tambourined jingles to poker chips to seed pod gourds to the stick side 
of several strips of velcro and , voila,  instant percussion stick.

this is a particularly cool effect if you are doing some kind of a hand 
hand accented pattern like a bo diddley beat with a velcro stick in one 
and a normal stick in the other.   You hear the accented tom tom lick of 
bo diddley beat but you simultaneously hear a funky constant 8th note 
pattern on whatever jingle texture you have provided.................it's 
like having your own maraca player..................without having to pay 
him or her...........Bo Diddley eat your heart out.