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More Considerations on Choosing a Right Looper

In thinking about a looping setup for live performances, and after reading many of replies to my earlier postings, I think that I now have a clearer idea on how this setup could be simplified, which leads me to consider abandoning the idea of staying within MIDI for percussion/drum looping.
Theoretically, it seems that the simplest solution for what I am trying to do would be to use a single hardware looper for both percussions and guitar/bass loops. Again, my intention is to use this live, so “on the fly” looping capability is a must.
Knowing that there would be no prerecorded loops and that I would be using a couple of tracks: one for two simple loop layers of percussions coming from something like Roland Handsonic 10, one for a bass loop, one for couple of layers of guitar, and possibly one for a loop of vocals, would anyone be able to recommend a suitable looper.  
Ideally, this would be a looper that would allow for maximum control via MIDI foot controller (start, stop, record, overdub, track selection, quantizing (for percussions), click off/on, etc) and the one that would at least have one stereo and one mono input to accommodate Handsonic 10 and a guitar being plugged in at the same time and separate outputs for these tracks.  
Again, if possible, I am looking for as simple solution as possible: no extra devices, interfaces, cables, etc. Money is a consideration and I would try to stay in $$$ range.  I was hoping that someone familiar with Repeater, RC-50 or some of the other still-manufactured loopers would be able to recommend a suitable one. I would also be interested in finding out what MIDI foot controller could be used along.
Mark, thanks again for your replies. They help me a lot in trying to make sense out of this maze of options.

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