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Re: Where to buy EDP in europe

Hi David,

Thanks for the information. I'm watching a couple both new and used on US 
Ebay now. Problem is, a new one from the US costs about the same as a used 
one in the UK. I am sure this kind of price difference prevents them 
well over here. But that's what Gibson do. They get away with it for 
because people like to play guitars before they buy them, but for a piece 

As for the Looperlative, please exceuse my cynicism, but I have seen this 
kind of thing come to nothing several times before. I have even been 
involved as a design engineer. Do we yet have a price and delivery date?



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Like you I made enquiries of UK dealers and found the prices didn't
pass the laugh test (you seem to have done *much* better than I did, I
was getting quotes back the *wrong* side of UKP1k).

While I've a reasonable amount of experience buying from over the pond
(I bought some of my ZVex pedals from
http://www.stevesmusiccenter.com/ my FMR RNP+RNC & Royer SF-12 mic
from http://www.mercenary.com/ for example, and all were happy
experiences), I didn't have any luck tracking down an EDP that way.
This was over 18 months ago, I get the impression things have improved
a good deal since then.

So I put the right search terms into eBay.co.uk and waited for it to
email me when one came up in the UK. I waited a while, but in the end
one did and I got it for what I considered a reasonable price. It was
a beige Gibson running Loop III, but a quick visit to the Aurisis web
site fixed that.

I had a stroke of luck: The chap who sold it to me had two, and I
asked him if he'd be willing to sell me his other one. He declined,
but he passed me on to a friend of his who'd bought an EDP at the same
time he bought his pair and was willing to sell. Again it was running
Loop III, so that required a return visit to the Aurisis site.

So I got a pair of EDPs of identical spec (bought by their original
purchasers within days of each other). I didn't realise at the time
that this is something to strive for if you want them to synch
reliably with each other (because the spec of the xtal clocks is
different on different generations of EDP) but I know now.

I'm not eBay's greatest fan, but in the end I got two very nice
condition EDPs - both full memory spec and (now) running Loop IV - and
two footswitches for substantially less money than I'd been quoted for
one brand-new EDP.

It did require a degree of patience, and I'm not sure if I'd bother
with that strategy again now they're much more readily available in
the US. I think I'd be more inclined to just order a new one from the
US and be done with it. That said, the arrival of the Looperlative is
going to impact the supply of s/h EDPs and push the prices down.