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RE: Bill Walker on the Y2K5

The first piece if I recall, was done on a Lap steel, and Bill Asher made Ben Harper model, one of the first ones he made. it looks like a solid body weissenborn, though it has a chambered body. I first got to try one when Greg Leiz, the great session player was in town with bill Frissell, and he let me try it at sound check. The second slide tune I did was on a PRS hollow body I had to sell for Tax reasons (DOH!) it was tuned in E and features some of that behind the slide fretting technique, pioneered by the great Sonny Landreth.
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Yesterday, i was listenting to your loops from the Y2K5 festival. The first piece, is that a Lap Steel or you're just playing with a slide?
I love all of those, but the first one it's really inspring.
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