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git synth suggestions!!

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Hey Thanks guys!! I got alot of interesting advice on this git synth question.. I was very interested in the Axxon system, but can someone tell me.. are all the sounds in it crappy GM sounds? that you cant tweak? The demo videos are hysterically bad, what awful sounds... i can hardly believe that they would use them for this demo videos if they had anything better, so was worried... The GR 30 sounds are crap too right out of the box... but after years of tweakage, I have got a lot of good stuff. So has someone here tried both GR30 and Axxon, (oh while I remember.... (could I still use the Roland pickup thats built into my guitar???) and can give me a comparison? As I already said the superior tracking really doesnt do it for me cos Im no speed freak guitarist, what Im interested in is the built in sequencer and the arpegiator (and the sounds...) is this a bit of a midi looper by any chance... (Im ploughing thru the manual, but its hard to get it without the machine infront of me...
why do I want something new??? Well Im just not using the GR30 so much these days, and need a change???It got unplugged a while back and has not yet got back in my system, I DID have it triggering a Korg MS2000 and synched to the loopers, and it was great, but... oh I dunno, it was unweildy, sat there at my feet, I got a bad back and couldnt lean over any more.. I forgot it was there.. It was in the way when I vacuumed... it was... it was... it was fucking neglected OK????
so anyone wanna by a GR 30??
(or should I just pick it up off the floor and put it on a rack shelf...)
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