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Re:Re: How do YOU loop? Andy - Gary


Thanks for sharing.
That's a neat trick.

Probably worth mentioning that the RoundMode=OFF isn't necessary.

RoundMode is confusingly (but correctly :-) named, and only 
determines whether or not the overdubbing
continues to the end of the cycle when you finish a multiply.

>As for Playing the chorus of a song, and hitting Nextloop and playing the
>verse, methinks you will still need that drum machine or other timekeeper
>synced up to the EDP.

I think you'll find it's not a problem.
The second loop can be a slightly different length, so you don't
need a timekeeper.

( I do this all the time, but wouldn't really be able to call the 
results Verses and Choruses)

andy butler
www.andybutler.com for mp3 examples