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Cheap bass floor keyboard?

I'm trying to find a way to include a 1 octave+ midi floor keyboard into
my setup. I think I'm desxtrous enough on the old violin to be able to
duet using my feet - thus allowing the loops to develop much quicker - as
well as being able to kick in a full sound inbetween loops.

The Korg etc. models that are identical to the bass pedals on organs are
hugely overpriced, thus ruling them out for the moment.

The FCB1010 can be set up in bass keyboard mode, but the layout of the
pedalboard is not ideal - plus you can't switch between keyboard and patch
mode without physically switching the unit off and on.

I found on ebay yesterday a 61 key midi roll-up piano for about 40 (Item
7389290029), which although not velocity sensitive, looks like a very
practical piece of kit. Something like that in bass form would be ideal
for what I am looking for.

Does anyone else on list have any suggestions/ideas as to how I can do
what I want to do on a tight budget?

Cheers in advance!,

Stuart Wyatt
- http://swyatt.com