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Re: Guitar Craft

> I have never taken a GC course, so understand that I'm speculating
> based on what I've read.  It seems to me that...

I think that you're also going to have to retune your guitar to Fripp's New
Standard Tuning (NST) which is, from top (lowest pitched) to bottom string 
: C
G D A E G. The low C is the C below the usual low guitar E.  If you want to
sound like a Crafty Guitarist, this is good, but I'm not so certain about
other applications.  There's certainly a good argument for adjusting guitar
tuning from EADGBE but NST is a pretty radical change and you'll have to 
all of your old chops behind.  If you feel that you're in a rut, this may 
be a
good thing.