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LooperTools 0.91 (Beta 2) Available for DigiTech JamMan

After some great feedback and lots of suggestions, I am pleased to announce
the availability of LooperTools SE 0.91 (Beta 2) at
http://www.LooperTools.com.  If you have a DigiTech JamMan, you'll want to
get this application.  With a 30-day trial period, you have nothing to 
and if you contribute feedback as a beta tester you'll receive discounts on
the final versions and a chance to win a free license!
LooperTools is a Windows-based manager for the DigiTechR JamManR
Looper/Phrase Sampler.  Some of its features include:

*       Persistent library folder to store your loops on your PC 
*       Name your loops! 
*       Drag loops from your PC to the JamMan 
*       Drag loops from the JamMan to your PC 
*       Copy loops from one location to another on the JamMan 
*       Edit all loop settings on the JamMan (including Tempo in
*       Select a rhythm based on its name, not just a number 
*       Easily keep different loop sets on different cards 
*       Name your cards! 
*       Easy, familiar Windows interface 
*       Print a list of your loops 
*       Delete loops directly on the card 
*       Play loops from the JamMan or library on your PC 
*       Supports both a direct connection to the JamMan and card readers 
*       30-day trial period 
*       Library list is now much more Explorer-like (folders, deleting,
*       Adjustable screen layout 
*       Links to online site 
*       Online, on-demand version checking 
*       Loop settings maintained while copying between looper and PC 
*       Create your own wav file, copy it to your device, and run
LooperTools to automatically create a settings file 
*       Backup and restore your loops using using the industry standard
"zip" format 
*       Clear all loops from card/reformat card 
*       "Smart Copy" handles multiple file copying by allowing you to 
overwrite or fill-in available locations 
*       "Defrag" your JamMan!  Consolidate loops on the device by removing
empty locations 
*       Many more features currently in development

If you are uncomfortable using beta software, I invite you to sign-up for
our mailing list so that you can be notified when LooperTools is fully
released (soon!).

Steve Mark