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Re: Re:Kevins AABA

>Yes, I want to set up AABA tunes like a standard jazz combo tune.  A 
>short rhythm intro followed by the head followed by the changes 
>followed by soloing over the changes.

hi Kevin,

So why not

a) set up rhythm
b) play head over rhythm without overdubbing.
c) do a Multiply in order to overdub the changes
d) play your solo over the changes & rhythm
e) play the head over the changes & rhythm

It would be nice to hear the Melody while playing the chords,
but there's no way to do that without leaving the melody in the loop.
(unless you also lose the rhythm).

Is there a way you can play rhythm and chords together?

then you could put feedback to zero and

1) record a bar of rhythm
2) go straight into Multiply, and play the head
3) End the Multiply with overdub
4) play the chords with strong rhythm under the melody
5) bring feedback to 100% and solo over the chords

if that appeals to you, then using Expert mode would make it easier.

andy butler
www.andybutler.com (mp3s & info)