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Re: Kevins AABA

At 01:27 PM 2/14/2006, Andy wrote:
>a) set up rhythm
>b) play head over rhythm without overdubbing.
>c) do a Multiply in order to overdub the changes
>d) play your solo over the changes & rhythm
>e) play the head over the changes & rhythm
>Is there a way you can play rhythm and chords together?
>then you could put feedback to zero and
>1) record a bar of rhythm
>2) go straight into Multiply, and play the head
>3) End the Multiply with overdub
>4) play the chords with strong rhythm under the melody
>5) bring feedback to 100% and solo over the chords

If I understand what you're saying, for c) I still have to play just 
chords a full time through the AABA tune. I'm trying to figure out a 
way to avoid that; then I can sound like a trio when I play solo. I 
could try playing a chord melody but that's harder than just laying a 
single-note line over chords and it restricts the line as well.

But maybe I'm totally wrong.  Does this get me out my predicament and 
I just don't see it?  Or do I have to dig out the RC20 and tap dance?


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