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Re: Recommended Dealer for Casio DAT Repair


I had a similar experience, bought a rarely used DAT and used it once and 
found a great deal on some workstations that have done well for me.  As a
result I was recently thinking of putting my DAT up on Ebay.  It's the 
5D. Make me an offer.



Quoting paulrichard10@adelphia.net:

> Hi, all:
> I have a Casio DAT recorder than, when new, cost me around $1200. It 
> was a nice unit for its time. I recently applied power to the unit 
> and almost immediately, I smelled something getting VERY hot. I 
> pulled the plug before the damn thing caught fire.
> I don't know if this DAT recorder is worth having repaired or not. I 
> suspect it would cost at least $100 USD for a repair and probably 
> more than that. Does anyone have similar experiences they can share 
> regarding the repair of such items? Thanks!
> Paul Richards