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Re: Sustainiac (Was: Looper's Essential Listening revisited:)

I think I've posted on here about this before, but I will again anyway...I built a device a while back that is a lot like the Sustainiac model with the acoustic transducer:




I was experimenting with this again a few months ago and got really fine control of the feedback harmonics by delaying the signal going to the transducer. I hacked up a Dano flanger pedal so it would just output delayed signal, and so that the delay time was controlled with a knob and didn't oscillate via an LFO. It's probably possible to do this with the Sustainiac by splicing a delay into the signal chain somewhere. My intention was to have the delay time controlled with a pedal so you could adjust it while playing. Listen to the mp3 to hear how you can jump between harmonics using a setup like this.


Has anyone here ever tried an old Roland GR-500 guitar synth? I've never seen or played one in person, but I've read that it had some kind of sustainer built in...it might have even been polyphonic. I would like to know more about this thing if anyone knows.


Mark Smart


-------------- Original message from David Morton <dmorton@gmail.com>: --------------

> On 2/16/06, Kelly Coyle wrote:
> > Ooop, sorry, David I meant, not Kevin.
> Mine's a Model C. The link I gave has 'model-b' in the URL but if you
> follow it the page talks about the Model C…must be some web design
> voodoo or something.
> I'm very happy with it. I have an eBow too but they're completely
> different in use and sound.
> The Model C Sustainiac even works - after a fashion - on my nylon
> strung Godin fretless.