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Re: Sustainiac (Was: Looper's Essential Listening revisited:)

At 6:23 PM +0000 2/16/06, mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:
>I was experimenting with this again a few months ago and got really 
>fine control of the feedback harmonics by delaying the signal going 
>to the transducer. I hacked up a Dano flanger pedal so it would just 
>output delayed signal, and so that the delay time was controlled 
>with a knob and didn't oscillate via an LFO. It's probably possible 
>to do this with the Sustainiac by splicing a delay into the signal 
>chain somewhere. My intention was to have the delay time controlled 
>with a pedal so you could adjust it while playing.


There's an "effects loop" in the Sustainiac Model C for just exactly 
this sort of thing.  The loop only affects the signal fed back into 
your instrument, so you can put in filters (Maniac Music mentions 
that a wah pedal works well) or delays in order to better 
control/manipulate the resonant frequency of the feedback.

Actually a rather nice little bit of kit.  I've got one I use on my 
Chapman Stick (some weird caveats there) and really like it.


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