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Re: Total Noob

It seems like the original Boss loopers have become pretty  
inexpensive on the used market. eBay seems to have them between $120  
and $200. RC20, or (if you want to spend a little more) RC20XL. It's  
a "real" looper. The only thing cheaper is if you could find one of  
those Dod, DeltaLab, or Digitech rack units, and get a footpedal for  
it. If you look in the tools section of Looper's Delight, they're all  
listed under "historical loopers" or whatever Kim called it.  
Boomerangs seem to have lost their cachet, and are around $200 in the  
used market. Some people don't like them, but I do. They have the  
very best user interface of the lot. Sound quality isn't all that  
good, and they can be fussy to adjust. I always just run everything  
into a guitar amp, so pristine sound quality doesn't matter so much,  
and even though they are fussy, once you have it adjusted it works fine.

I'd go for the Boomerang if you can swing the $200+ bucks.

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On Feb 17, 2006, at 10:20 AM, Fabio Anile wrote:

> DD-20 digital delay or Boss RC 20XL.
> They are not not expensive, but try them, first. and be sure they  
> do what's you're thinking.
> fabio
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>> Hi, I think I may be into looping.  I'm not incredibly sure.
>> What I want is to be able to just improvise a quick rhythm and  
>> then hit a button or something
>> (hell, i don't know) annd then play on top of it looping.
>> Is that the same kind of looping you guys are into?
>> If so, I am sooo pooor..  What's something super cheap that I can  
>> use to get the job done?
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