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Re: Total Noob

Yeah, and the DD-20, like Fabio says -- I forgot. You should read the  
two DD-20 reviews on the tools page. They have pretty much convinced  
me I ought to get one. Or two. For $200, new, you get something that  
can do some really unique processing. The "looper" part of it is a  
little limited, but the delays more than make up for that.

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On Feb 17, 2006, at 10:29 AM, Kelly Coyle wrote:

> It seems like the original Boss loopers have become pretty  
> inexpensive on the used market. eBay seems to have them between  
> $120 and $200. RC20, or (if you want to spend a little more)  
> RC20XL. It's a "real" looper. The only thing cheaper is if you  
> could find one of those Dod, DeltaLab, or Digitech rack units, and  
> get a footpedal for it. If you look in the tools section of  
> Looper's Delight, they're all listed under "historical loopers" or  
> whatever Kim called it. Boomerangs seem to have lost their cachet,  
> and are around $200 in the used market. Some people don't like  
> them, but I do. They have the very best user interface of the lot.  
> Sound quality isn't all that good, and they can be fussy to adjust.  
> I always just run everything into a guitar amp, so pristine sound  
> quality doesn't matter so much, and even though they are fussy,  
> once you have it adjusted it works fine.
> I'd go for the Boomerang if you can swing the $200+ bucks.
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> Blog: http://wwwquotidianme.blogspot.com/
> On Feb 17, 2006, at 10:20 AM, Fabio Anile wrote:
>> DD-20 digital delay or Boss RC 20XL.
>> They are not not expensive, but try them, first. and be sure they  
>> do what's you're thinking.
>> fabio
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>> Subject: Total Noob
>>> Hi, I think I may be into looping.  I'm not incredibly sure.
>>> What I want is to be able to just improvise a quick rhythm and  
>>> then hit a button or something
>>> (hell, i don't know) annd then play on top of it looping.
>>> Is that the same kind of looping you guys are into?
>>> If so, I am sooo pooor..  What's something super cheap that I can  
>>> use to get the job done?
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