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Re: Midi control of audio routing for Mobius

On 17 feb 2006, at 19.32, Luca Formentini wrote:

> Hi Per,
> I was trying to find a native ( inside the sound card sw) solution  
> because I think it should allow to have a lower latency.

Latency happens when analog audio streams (your guitar signal etc) is  
digitized. When the signal is well converted into ones and zeros it  
can be routed around without any added latency (except for latency  
inducing plug-ins and such).

> Are you passing all your signal through live mixer ?

Yes, sometimes. It is very convenient. I'm doing it on both PC and  
Mac with my RME Multiface audio interface. Each Live mixer track can  
be set to any of those eight outputs on the Multiface (as well as  
additional digital channels, if I should expand it into the digital  
domain - like for example running a rack fx box by the SPDIF or ADAT  
pipe which means no latency since it is already digital. But I  
don't ;-).

> Basically, I use this crossfade function to select when the input  
> of a hw processor is fed by the loop coming out from Mobius or by  
> the direct input signal.
> I have seen that E-mu soundcard (1616) has a mixer which *should*  
> allow this.
> I would have preferred Rme wanted to develop midi control further  
> on their totalmix, but Matthias Carsten told me it is "not a urgent  
> issue for us at this time".

Yes, I can certainly see the logic in that. We, on this list,  
represent a marginal market ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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