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House Concerts - how to pull it off (was: Re: The Dark Age)

On 17 feb 2006, at 20.57, David Small wrote:

> I'd very much like to start a thread on house concerts. This may  
> not be the
> proper forum, but we're outfitting a small stage and performance  
> venue in
> our home that will seat 35-to-40 people. All proceeds, after we pay  
> the
> musicians, will go to charity. This is in the suburbs of Houston,  
> Texas.
> Anyone else out there with experience in this kind of thing? If so,  
> what
> is fair admission fee? any hassles with neighborhood associations? do
> you serve food? how do you go about identifying performers? I'll be
> glad to share what we've collected (articles, advice, etc.) with  
> anyone
> who is interested. Best.
> David


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