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RE: OFF TOPIC: 2-prong outlets

Now you are getting past my level of technical knowhow. All i know is I am
dealing with two prongers in my old house and I run two battery backed up
power conditioners, an expensive furman, and a not so expensive model I
bought at the electronics store. I have not had any shock hazard issues, 
ground loop issues, but do continue to experience some brown power issues,
mostly corrected by not running any high draw household appliances while
recording.. I've had fits lately with static electricity on my strat and
tele, crackling noises brought on by dry cold weather, but then again, I
have not properly sheilded either guitar, so its my own damn fault;}

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Yeah - there was an article in a recent EM - I don't remember what the
article was about but I do remember the recommendation that a UPS is better
than something like a standard power condition.  The argument was that the
power is cleaned up by virtue of always running off the batteries.  In
other words, when you use a UPS, you don't get power direct from the grid -
you get the power after it's been stored in the battery so you get a
constant voltage, etc.  Any truth to that?

At 2006.02.17 02:50 PM, William Walker wrote:
>face in place.  But I would also suggest you invest in a power /line
>conditioner, with as much filtering and RF protection as your budget will
>allow...I know, just the thing you want to hear after paying first, last,
>and a deposit:( Monster seems to make some good ones, as does furman, but 
>dedicated electronic or computer store will have more affordable ones with
>battery back up, so you have a minute or two to power down before the 
>goes off, during a black out. Other products that will help would be a