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loop.pool wrote:

> Things like this are never big money makers,  they are labors of love 
> and very necessary labors of love as new and emerging
> artistry is crowded out of this culture's venues.

...as evidenced by the report 20/20 did on Thursday night on Payola in 
radio.  Still going strong.  Still keeps all the airplay for the big 
budget labels, to hell with the rest of us.  I have nothing against 
business and making a profit.  In fact, I insist that musicians make a 
profit.  But the Payola system is just greed; greed on the part of 
commercial radio and greed on the part of major labels not wanting to 
share the airwaves with little niche markets like where we loopers 
reside.  Thank goodness for non-commercial FM radio and the internet.