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Re: OFF TOPIC: 2-prong outlets

Forget the musical equipment. The whole place needs to be rewired with
proper safety earth and 3-prong outlets. Don't worry about ground loops and
hum. Your problem is going to be killing yourself with your toaster, or
Television, or a lamp, or any other electrical accesory.


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Subject: OFF TOPIC: 2-prong outlets
Date: 17/02/06 22:12

Hiya Loopers,

I apologize for the non-looping nature of this question. But I
thought there's gotta be someone on the list who knows about
electricity! Or maybe it is related. I'm asking about "ground" loops....

Anyway, hours ago I just paid the deposit on a new apartment. It's
old and beautiful and I just noticed....all the outlets in the house,
every freaking one, is 2 prong!! I'm freaking out now because one of
the many rooms in this beautiful old house is intended as my music
studio. Yikes!

I'll try to refrain from using my gear while standing in a pool of
water, but is this an unworkable situation for a musician with loads
of gear? Do I have to move out before I've even moved in??

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much, Zoe the cellist

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