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Re: Looper's Essential Listening revisited: the 1980's

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>>(My understanding is that on the tour, he would actually rewind the
>>tape and solo over it. One doesn't, however, get that on the record.
>>It's all about the loops.)
> It's not that he would rewind the tape and solo over it in performance, 
> rather he would sometimes solo over the loopage without injecting the 
> into the loop. Those solo notes were never recorded onto the tape used 
> create the Frippertronics loops.  Therefore the album, which was 
> from the Frippertronics tape, documents only the looping without 
> what, if anything, he played over the top during the performance.

This is what it sounds like on a recording of Fripp and Eno at the Astoria 
London, 1975.  At various points he closes the loop and plays on top of 
An additional note about Under Heavy Manners was that apparently during 
of the Signified, the tape broke, but Fripp had the master loop to later 
overdub that fast arpeggio onto.  I don't remember the exact liner notes 
though, it's been a couple of decades.

Stephen Goodman

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