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Re: Faux Stereo Looping

I haven't tried it, but I just had an idea...  (uh-oh, he had an idea,
stand back!)

Could you break the mono track into seperate pieces using band-pass
filters, then slightly pan (& effect, etc) the bands differently? 
(Probably want to mix back in a healthy dose of the original mono to
smooth out the rought spots.)  Not sure what tools/plugins could
accomplish this, but I'm sure it can be done.  May yeild interesting


On 2/20/06, Kris Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
> How about some good ol' fashion stereo chorus?  (just a light touch, 
>rate at
> about 35 or 40, depth at 50, mix at 50%). I've used this before to 
>spicen up
> a mono track. Actually, this is exactly what I do when I record directly
> into a mono input of my DigiDesign mBox with ProTools. I add stereo 
> stereo reverb (which decays from left to right), and most importantly a
> stereo delay, about 575ms on the left and 780ms on the right to generate 
> slightly staggered delayed effect (as I find ping pong delay a bit too
> distracting).
> Steinberg's Wavelab comes with a stereo separating VST plugin that I 
>like a
> lot as well, but I use it to further "stereoize" an already stereo 
>track. I
> don't think it will work with a mono track, because is further separates
> already separate waveforms.
> Kris
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> Subject: Faux Stereo Looping
> > I just have 1 EDP, but sometimes I dump the mono loop to PC, and start
> > tracking overtop. I know nothing quite sounds like a stereo loop, but 
> > tricks with manipulating mono loops in editing software to give that 
> > loop more depth? I mean, I can copy and paste and slightly delay, but 
> > isn't quite right. Any plug-ins (PC) that anyone uses? I have been 
> > just using mono loops, but longer ones might need a little bit more
> > movement
> > L & R.
> >
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