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Re: OFF TOPIC: 2-prong outlets

>>boy I'm confused!
>>The landlord has no idea, just says the electricity was "upgraded" in 
>>the 1960's and that he's not paying to have it done again...
the thing is, you need to have this done, no matter who pays for it.
compare the cost of a fried repeater with the couple of hundred bucks it 
will cost to have a professional handle it.
you don't need the electrician to replace all of the outlets, just have 
him do one or two.  consider it to be insurance.  (a replacement value 
renter's insurance policy is also super cheap compared to replacing music 

i'd also like to correct a few of the statements that have been posted:
1) surge protectors and line conditioners do not work properly without a 
ground connection.  in this case, they offer next to no protection.
2) any uninterruptible power supply priced below $500 does not engage 
until the power goes out.  there are units which are 'always on', but they 
are costly and are designed for large computer/server installations.
3) replacing the existing 2 prong outlets with 3 prongers is not safe or 
effective, unless the ground is actually connected to a true ground (not 
the conduit or the junction box).

you'll probably be able to plug it all in using 2-3prong adapters, you may 
be fine for years, but a badly timed surge could easily wipe out a bunch 
of gear.  

loop on,
(the other kim)