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Re: RC-50 Fade Out

Don't forget that the RC50 is a 3 tracks looper.
Of course, loopback doesn't seems to be implemented as such.
But similar behaviour can perhaps be obtained.
1- you can record the first loop on track 1
2- You can surely record on track 2 while fading track 1.
3- Then fading track2 while recording or overdubbing on track 3.
4-  And so on...

It would (?)  be great to set the "fade time" via a midi controller.
You might also be able change the volume level of each track via midi. So 
using a volume pedal, you can fade manually to silence and then erase the 
loop, or put it back later in full volume.

There is perhaps finally a "live bounce" feature where you can mix 2 
together while sculpting the contour via midi. I guess I'm completely 
dreaming on this last one ;-)

Who knows, perhaps the manual will be available soon.


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> At 12:38 AM 2/19/2006, rob cathcart wrote:
>>Hi Kim and thanks for the response.
>>When I said Fade Out I was indeed refering to Feedback.  The guy that 
>>doing the demo at NAMM indicated to me that feedback was indeed 
>>controllable, atho' he was rather vague and did not end up showing me 
>>feature in action.
> I talked to that demo guy on Thursday of the show, and he didn't know 
> feedback was when I questioned him about it. I had to explain it to him, 
> and I don't think he really got it. He showed me the Fade function in 
> menus, but didn't know how to use it. Probably if you saw him after me 
> had it in his mind that when asked about "feedback" he should say 
> something about this Fade function. My guess is this fade is just a 
> controlled volume ramp after you stop a loop, not feedback. But it would 
> be good to get some confirmation of that.
> kim
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