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Re: Do I need that EDP?

Hi there,

For a long time I've been avoiding using computers for music-making 
related stuff. I spend all day at the office with PCs running Windows or 
Linux, and that's quite enough thanks. However, I've got an original 
Lexicon JamMan, and I started to get a little tired of the limitations of 
that device (mono, 32 seconds of loop time). The cost of dedicated looping 
hardware that would be better than the JamMan put me off that approach, 
and concurrently I was lucky enough to get hold of an old PowerBook 
(Wallstreet - c. 1998) and started trying Augustus Loop on there - much 
fun is now being had. I don't use Macs at work, so that awful feeling of 
going back to work with a PC is skipped, and there is some mighty fine 
free (or very cheap) software on the go nowadays. It's worth a look, 
anyway - and you can use a laptop for any number of other things too, if 
you're trying to justify the cost :)

- Tony

PS. Has anyone tried More Feedback Machine (from www.u-he.com) ? Any 
thoughts ? I've downloaded it but haven't had much of a chance to play yet 

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