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Re: AW: Did a quick Mobius gig today :-)

I'll defer to Rainer on that...I believe he's working on something. After 
about 1 page of fine text, my eyes start to glaze over.  We have 
successfully used the program several times, however, more recently with a 
live performance with me and Rick Walker here in the US, and Rainer at a 
club in Germany. It was rather fun. I could hear the chatter of the crowd 
the club through Rainer's mic, and heard Rainer speak for the first 
time...albeit in German, so I had no clue what he was saying. :)  The only 
problem for me right now, with Ninjam, is the latency....not the time 
between locations, but some latency that Ninjam is forcing on my system, 
which doesn not occur when I'm not using Ninjam. For example, I experience 
no latency on my sound card when I use Shoutcast.


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> Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
>> You can even go 100% laptop with only one laptop - that is, as long as 
>> you
>> don't need to run Ninjam client and server and oddcast and another 
>> Wasabi for MIDI sync ;)
> Would one of youze guys mind doing a technical write-up on this? I've 
> a few ninjams myself, but i'd love to hear how you rigged everything for 
> recording and web-streaming. (By the way, those programs weren't all 
> cpu intensive, as far as I remember?)
> andreas