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Re: Vedr. RE: Vedr. Re: lap top sync with the hardware looper

as far as I know Eivind uses the rptr with that blue three-button 
footswitch, no midi sync.

rune fagereng wrote:

> Thanks !
> I am into this Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset, and have seen 
> him live a lot. His drummer plays loops on a mac along with his 
> drumming. And Aarset makes loops and themes on the repeater. I have 
> seen his rig, and I havent seen any midi connections.
> One explaination can be that he has the repeater on beat detect, and 
> that he uses sort loops and themes, for a brief time, before making 
> new ones, and then he`ll have no problems with things getting out of 
> sync. I have tryied this but when I uses delay, the repeater 
> misscalculate the bpm, and ruins the effect of the delay.
> Thanks for your answer.
> best regards Rune F         
> jeff larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> skrev:
>     From: rune fagereng
>     > What I am doing as far, is to set the repeaters bmp with the
>     same bmp
>     > as the ableton-software, and then loop along with the laptop,
>     but they
>     > drift apart after some time.
>     > ...
>     > but I still think its strange that they drift apart.
>     This is normal, the BPM's are not actually the same.  They may both
>     claim to be 120 but one will actually be something like 120.0247 and
>     the other 120.0963.  Over time they will eventually drift.  They 
>     have to be physically connected in some way to maintain identical
>     tempos, similar to  " word clock "   with audio interfaces.
>     Connecting them with MIDI does not actually make their clocks
>     run at exactly the same tempo, but it provides a point of
>     reference so that the slave can detect when it is drifting
>     and make a correction.
>     Jeff
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