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Re: Sample #3 of VST Program Presets (Reaktor 5 - "Blackbird")

I just exchanged some email with Paul...nice guy. He was surprised that I could use Blackbird in Reaktor 5, but I told him you converted it for me. I'm trying to urge him to write more ensemble like that, focusing on emulating high end units like Eventides, Lexicon, TC Electronic, etc...now I believe it is entirely probable that this can be done. It's all in the building blocks of effect processors...most seem to share the same type and build on them, regardless of whether they are hardware or software.  The Vortex is a good example (and I'm sure Andy will chime in here, and maybe Ted since that is his favorite box), because
btw, what is the Vortex-like ensemble? I think you sent it to me, but I may have had problem loading it too.
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Yup; and I agree. He also authored Reaktorís sorta-Vortex: Amor, plus a bunch of cool synths and automatic-music machines. Havenít seen much from him lately; he might have moved on after leaving the Reaktor library forever in his debt...like many others before and since. It IS an amazing community: new, free, mind-blowing devices weekly, once you join up:) Only potential downside is option-overload.

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David, what user developed this? Paul Swennenhuis? He should be crowned and awarded retirement for life. :)