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Sample #3 of VST Program Presets (Reaktor 5 - "Blackbird")

...I hope some of you find this service somewhat useful. At least I'm getting to know my own effects intimately.
This is for all you Eventide fans. David Coffin turned me on to Reaktor 5 last month...I bought it after selling my Mesa Boogie Mark I, and I've been toying around with it as a VST program in Chainer. Since then I think I'm on my way to being the Reakor 5 poster child. I can't even tell you in words the impression this program is making on me, and this is coming from an owner of over 400 VST effects, two VF1s, a TC Electronic Fireworx, Ensoniq DP4, DigiTech TSR24, and many other effect units in my past gear acquisition life.
I asked David, being an Eventide owner (current or prior), if there were any Reaktor ensembles (literally hundreds and hundreds of free items from other Reaktor users, and sort of like effect units unto themselves, with multiple presets or "snaps) that got close to creating those lush and ethereal pad-like effects on an Eventide, and his response was "Blackbird."  David, what user developed this? Paul Swennenhuis? He should be crowned and awarded retirement for life. :) In any event, I just created a sample sound clip of this ensemble below. Enjoy.  I'm in love with Reaktor 5. This was the best effect processing investment I've made in my entire life.
VST Program: Reaktor 5
Featured Ensemble (effect): Blackbird (Free, developed by user)
Cost: $399 USD
Brief Description

REAKTOR 5 fuses all audio applications into a single, extremely versatile and powerful tool. Musicians, producers and sound designers are all catered to by the very broad range of instruments and sounds already included. Due to the open engine architecture, the potential for building your own highly individual instruments is endless. Whether you are using the instruments from the library or creating your own, the only limit is your imagination.
Sound clip of presets (Snaps): http://www.box.net/public/m1epm4jums
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