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OT (somewhat) What DAW for the Mac do you recommend?


In my similar quest to virtualize my gear I've decided
to upgrade my main desktop computer.  It's a Mac and
needs to be that as I use it for work sometimes and
all my versions of software is Macintosh.  Also, I
like them better.  Anyway, I'm set on a dual 2.3 gighz
G5 machine.

My question is this: I've been a MOTU Digital
Performer user for years... but I'm not sure why. 
Parts of it bother me.  The fact that it won't deal
with vst, the fact that it takes about 3 minutes to
launch for some reason... the fact that they crippled
a possibly great looper (POLAR) by not giving it a
feedback control... etc.  Also recent emails to MOTU
about fixing the glacial boot time were like
communicating with an Oak tree.  Should it take 2
weeks to answer a fairly simple question, and after
those weeks shouldn't the answer contain some

So in the Mac world what's the shiz-nit?  I want
stable decent sequencing/audio recording, some good
effects... maybe some groove quantize features and the
ability to run my vsts/au from inside it.  Doesn't
seem like a lot to ask... oh yeah it also has to play
nice with a MOTU 828 and a MOTU Microexpress as I
don't feel they need upgrading.

I know you people are the best and the brightest.  Let
me drink of your knowledge.


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