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RE: DL-4 exp pedal mod?

Title: RE: DL-4 exp pedal mod?
Actually, I emailed Robert Keeley, who performs mods on DL4s...the official response is
"It will not work, expression pedal circuits are designed almost exclusively for 10K and working with the microprocessors inside, etc, etc..."
So, ahh well.
Dave Eichenberger (who is not famous, but did appear in Guitar Player, and is still waiting for the checks to come in...which is how I hear it works, right?)


>>I have an Ernie Ball volume pedal with a 250k pot, but obviously it is too large a value for the DL-4.....<<

have you tried it? the only thing I had to do to an expression pedal to make it work with a DL4 was reverse the tip & ring connections. I didn't even look at the range of the pot itself.

I'm pretty sure that all the DL4 is looking for is a voltage; the socket will supply (say, for the sake of argument) 5 volts out of this socket, & expect a proportion of this to be returned to it by way of a control signal. the amount of resistance the pot introduces is insignificant; the part of the DL4 that measures the returned voltage probably has a very high input impedance & so very little current will flow.

but I could be wrong..... :-)

in any case, so long as the ernie ball pedal is wired correctly, you won't hurt anything.