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Re: Sample #1 of VST Program Presets (Lexicon PSP84)

While we're on the subject of vst plugins. Who knows of a decent pitch shifter vst, preferrably with some sort of formant preserving facility?
GRM tools doesn't cut it for me in this department.
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Sent: Sunday, July 23, 2006 5:39 AM
Subject: Sample #1 of VST Program Presets (Lexicon PSP84)

For the benefit of those who are interested in what you can get out of some of the purchase-only VST effect programs out there, I am going to start recording samples for you and posting them to the group. There is no looping on these samples, just straight solo playing through some of the more interesting presets.
Here is the first...(next on the list is PSP42, Antares Filter, Antares Kantos, Pluggo, Hipno, Morphing Delay, Space Effect, etc)
VST Program: Lexicon PSP84
Cost: $149 USD
Brief Description
PSP 84 is a high-quality processor, capable of producing a wide variety of delay-based effects. Two independent delay lines operating with variable sampling rate and precise tape saturation algorithm with adjustable gain, allow for convincingly sounding simulation of tape delay, including all the exciting effects resulting from tape speed instability. A filtration section consisting of three 2nd order switchable resonant filter types can be used to process input, feedback or wet signal. The adjustable slope of the filter ranges from a gentle curve, which is useful for simulating high frequency absorption typical for tape delay and wet signal equalization to an extremely steep curve with a high cutoff frequency peak, making all the wild wah-wah and resonance effects easily available. Delay line sampling rate and filter cutoff can be modulated by any of the 5 LFO waveforms that are automatically synchronized to the sequencer tempo or envelope follower with adjustable sensitivity and attack/release. Moreover, the PSP 84 contains the fully functional reverb unit, with simplified settings carefully tuned to exactly reproduce the sound of classic spring and plate reverberators.
Sound clip of factory presets: http://www.box.net/public/d90p7zley2
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