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Benefits of Undo

Okay, I'm trying to be a good boy here and appropriately change the 
heading when I change the topic. UNDO, and I don't mean David 
stuff, which I highly recommend, by the way.

I never use it to undo unwanted loops on stage or home, but I my favorite 
use of Undo is to deconstruct my piece. I basically start hitting Undo, 
playing with the result a bit, and continue to do so until only the 
loop is left. I really enjoy that as a composition devise. It's like you 
loop and climax, then then bring everything back to the initial state.  I 
guess you could call it the staircase approach.


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>   I bet most of us only make these mistakes alone at
> home.I dont have an undo function and I think it keeps
> me on my toes while performing,maybe i just get very
> lucky.I like to walk on the thin ice,knowing there are
> lobster traps in the depths below.It helps me to be
> sort of "out there"and its very rewarding when you
> take a listener there.You know that look of amazement
> they get that is kinda like a glow/gleam in the eye?
>    Have a fantastic journey,
>        Danny deaf dumb and blind.
> --- Ben <benoitruelle@yahoo.fr> wrote:
>> Somehow related:
>> How many of you are really "musically educated"?
>> I mean can you read a staff?, can you play in all
>> keys?, can you modulate
>> without thinking about it?....
>> I have no musical training, having always learn by
>> ear and trial/error, I
>> feel it difficult to do live looping without an undo
>> function or without
>> rehearsing before committing the loop.
>> I'm still mainly looping at home, making too much
>> mistakes now to think
>> about some public performance.
>> I also changed my instruments (trying now to play
>> the guitar which of course
>> doesn't help :-)).
>> I like guitar because it easier to transpose and the
>> overdubs doesn't
>> saturate too easily (2 layers of synth sounds
>> already muddy)
>> OK I have fun at home doing a basic I-V-IV in barre
>> chords with some "solo"
>> overdubs but I guess an audience will find it
>> quickly boring.
>> Any recommendation/exercises to improve my looping
>> technics?
>> Something I tried recently is to download some tabs
>> from the net, isolate 2
>> or 3 measures, play just the lower string, then add
>> the other notes string
>> by string. This is a good way to construct something
>> someone might recognise
>> and allow me to construct chords I wouldn't be able
>> to play yet with my
>> limited left hand mobility.
>> greetings from Belgium,
>> Ben
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>> From: "Krispen Hartung" <khartung@cableone.net>
>> >> how do you correct a bad loop on stage,stop
>> >> abruptly,bullshit your way while tweaking or
>> shoe/rack
>> >> gazing until u get it right?
>> >
>> > To play off a famous quote of Miles Davis, "Do not
>> be afraid of errors.
>> > There are no errors", I never play bad or
>> incorrect loops.  On occasion, I
>> > might play something that doesn't ring well with
>> me emotionally (neither
>> > correct nor
>> > incorrect), but I always manage to work with it
>> somehow. It becomes part
>> > of
>> > me just like all my other personality, physical,
>> and psychological flaws
>> > as a
>> > human being. Even if I loop something rhythmic and
>> my foot fails me (maybe
>> > because I have had one too many cups of coffee or
>> drank too much alcohol),
>> > generating a loop that is an 8th note longer
>> rather than what my brain
>> > wanted to do
>> > initially, that instantly becomes the norm and
>> basis of what I do
>> > afterwards. I don't really care if I intend on
>> playing a 4/4 phrase but it
>> > ends
>> > up being 9/8 or 7/8, or even something like 13/8
>> or 11/8. In fact, I don't
>> > even
>> > count anymore. I never know what time signature I
>> am in unless I
>> > consciously
>> > stop to figure it out. It's a waste of my time.
>> Everything is feel to me
>> > now.
>> >
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