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Re: Richard Zvonar - Aug 3

i will definitely light a candle in his memory-
i cherish the short conversations we had at the loopfests-
and his wit and wisdom on this list-i'm sure he would have had a pithy 
thought or two about "OT".
loop on doctor

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>Sent: Jul 29, 2006 9:24 PM
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>Subject: Richard Zvonar - Aug 3
>August 3rd will mark the 1 year anniversary since Richard Zvonar passed 
>Richard's family and friends are each planning to light a candle on that 
>day in his remembrance. They have asked if the Looper's Delight community 
>would like to join them in lighting a candle to honor his memory. Please 
>light one if you can.
>Richard was an amazing person, and a pleasure to have as a friend and 
>member of this community. I miss him often.
>If you didn't know Richard, or wish to remember, here the ultimate 
>Richard Zvonar search link so you can do your own research (as Richard 
>would have wanted you to!):
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