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Re: Richard Zvonar - Aug 3

Perhaps I shouldn't have spoken... I honestly didn't
really know him all that well and all I knew of his
work was the few Santa Cruz loopfests he played at. 
That and his many very useful posts.  Personally I
didn't have much contact with him.

--- Douglas Baldwin <coyotelk@optonline.net> wrote:

> Mark S. wrote:
> > I just did a search on his name at Wilkipedia and
> > nothing came up.  Surely we should get together
> and
> > write an entry based on his posts, no?
> You go, boy! RZ was THE BEST. I'd suggest you put
> together a simple 1- or
> 2-paragraph description of his work, post it here,
> and we can all pick nits
> until it shines.
> dB, coyote

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