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Looping stuff for Mac....

Tonight I'm drinking: Old Crustacean

What a great brew....but not what I'm posting about...what does beer 
have to do with looping?

So, I've put together a patch for looping in Max/MSP and made it so I 
think it works as a standalone application....four stereo loopers with 
varispeed stuff.....

It is not very developed, mouse only, midi to come, but I'm curious if 
it works on other machines, or only mine....I'm very new at this and 
just having fun so don't  know....

please try it and let me know it it works, or not.....that is, if you 
use a mac....might not work on the new ones.

No docs, hopefully it might be self-explanatory.




Jeff Kaiser
pfMENTUM.com  AngryVegan.com