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AW: repeater question

On the repeater you can adjust the following:

1. pitch of each individual track (or for all tracks together) without
affecting tempo ("pitch shift")
2. tempo for all four tracks together without affecting pitch ("time
3. tape-like combination of pitch and tempo for all 4 tracks together
(doubling the tempo doubles the pitch - "varispeed")

1-3 can be adjusted independently and (more or less) fine-tuned.

However, while 1 and 2 can be adjusted on the front panel (2 by turning the
"tempo" knob, 1 by first pressing "edit/pitch" and then turning the "tempo"
knob), 3 cannot. 1-3 can be adjusted using MIDI, and that's what I do.

The varispeed works quite flawlessly and without any artifacts I've noticed
(talking OS 1.1 here) and is a very powerful feature of the Repeater.


> looking into maybe getting a repeater, but there's one thing 
> i can't get straight from reading reviews. 
> there seems to be some conflicting information out there.  
> does this thing have the ability to slow a loop down like a 
> tape, meaning change tempo affecting pitch?  this is a 
> crucial aspect for me.  most reviews or spec lists don't 
> mention it, but someone on harmony central says it does that. 
>  someone help clear this up, please.
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