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Re: "Instrument" vs "Effect"

Oh come one, you don't to do a survey on who is using what string guages, 
flat wound vs. round wound, etc? :)

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Subject: Re: "Instrument" vs "Effect"

>>  I hate to say it, but we are all just deducing conclutions on what is 
>> and is not an instrument based on our own custom definitions of the 
>> "instrument"...which I find extremely pleasing.
> Not my intention to do that at all,
> I'm trying illustrate a certain approach to music making.
> If "instrument" gets re-defined then that's just a useless by-product :-)
>>   It confirms my observation and experiences of years of debating that 
>> most disagreements and differences of opinion are semantic and not 
>> related to any substantial facts.
> ...but I suspect what we have here is people with a genuinely different 
> approach to music.
>>Next topic!  :-)
> Hopes... new possibilities for musical structure opened up by the use of 
> looping devices.
> Fears....string gauges
> andy