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Re: "Instrument" vs "Effect"

Sing it brother!  Where's Andre LaFosse when I need
him!?  I never argued with someone who I agreed with
more.  Shame he left the list.

Let me end this.  Looping isn't "an instrument" but
it's just as much a part of an instrument and an amp
is to a guitarist or a LFO is to a keyboard player. 
Remember those old BASF commercials?  We don't make
the ______, we make it better."  Asking if looping is
an instrument is like asking if a guitar pick is an
instrument.  Of course it isn't, but it's part of a
system that makes the instrument behave in a specific
way facilitating a "style" of playing at most.  That
cyclical style of music is what we call "looping" but
it's far from a type of music.

So can we please move on from this?  It's way past
silly at this point.

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> >>   It confirms my observation and experiences of
> years of debating that 
> >> most disagreements and differences of opinion are
> semantic and not 
> >> related to any substantial facts.

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